A collection of fedora hats brought forward by the lack of elegant yet modern headwear available today. A distinct and exclusive hat to represent power. A hat that’s never been seen before. A piece of art, an accessory to treasure. The natural burn on each hat trademarks, making each unique.


THE POWER OF THE BURN, our LORD EMH signature. The burn originates from an ancient Namibian tradition, EKALA PO LU PALE. The indigenous Oshiwambo tribe, birth tribe of the designer himself. A tradition of respect and power.


When the alpha of the Village, whether male or female is present, a fire must burn The fire burns throughout the day and night. This anchors the alpha’s powerful presence and respect within the area. The inspiration is taken from the designer’s belief that everyone seeks power. With power comes respect and with respect comes an individual spotlight.


When you wear a LORD EMH hat, embrace power. The burn is natural and unique to each piece. All our hats are burnt in the Namibian African village which is the final process of our creation. You are in control of your own destiny. We are all alpha’s male and female.


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